3D Crystal Diamond – An Elegant Keepsake

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for someone special or just want a nice keepsake, you should consider a 3D Crystal Diamond. This elegant keepsake is durable and holds photos, portraits, wedding pictures, and more.


During the process of diamond cutting, a diamond is cut into many flat surfaces called facets. Each faceted diamond changes the path of light rays as it passes through the gem. The angles and symmetry of each facet are important to the overall appearance of the stone.

The diamond substrate has low index 110 faces. These low index facets are divided into three main groups: star, crown main, and table. The pavilion main facets are the primary drivers of light return. They are arranged in a symmetrical radiating pattern.

The size of a facet is proportional to the width. The pavilion angle varies from min 40.3 to max 41.3.

The table facet is the largest. Its breadth is large enough to hold a grain line across it.

Hardness rating

Whether you are a diamond enthusiast or a newcomer to diamonds, you may be wondering what the hardness rating of a 3D crystal diamond is. The hardness of a diamond is measured by the Mohs scale.

The Mohs scale, conceived by German geologist Friedrich Mohs in the 1800s, is a chart that ranks the relative hardness of minerals. The scale is also used to identify mineral varieties. It is an important tool for field geologists and gemologists.

The scale is based on the ability of a known substance to scratch another. A higher number indicates a harder mineral. It has been applied to smartphone displays and flat panel components.

The hardness rating of a diamond is usually measured by measuring the indentation load to projected contact area ratio. However, this is only useful in measuring the hardness of the hardest materials.


Considering the plethora of 3D crystals to choose from, how do you decide which one to pick? The sheer volume of options makes shopping for a 3D diamond on your own a bit of a chore, especially if you are on a budget. Fortunately, there is a plethora of companies that can help you make the most of your budget and create a product that is sure to please the discerning consumer. The company in question is ArtPix, which has earned its stripes as a one stop shop for 3D products of all types. In fact, the name itself is a mouthful, but that’s part of the fun. As of this writing, a few dozen of their most popular 3D baubles are in stock at any given time.


Whether you are planning to get a gift for a loved one or if you are just looking for a cool gift to show off, 3D Crystal Diamond Shapes are the answer. Not only do they offer a fashionable way to display pictures, they also let you light up your favourite ones with LED lights. The best part is, these crystals can be used with a wide variety of sleek accessories.

The 3D Crystal Diamond Shapes are the best gifts to give to your loved ones. These crystals are the hottest new trend in the jewelry industry and you will be surprised at the wide range of designs and colors that are available. You can even buy some of these crystals in sizes that are sure to suit your taste.


Whether it’s a holiday gift, an anniversary or birthday present, a personalized crystal diamond is a wonderful memento for anyone. You can customize it with a photo or a text. It is a beautiful addition to any room. With its flawless appearance and glossy finish, it will attract the attention of anyone who sees it.

Creating a personalized crystal is easy at ForAllGifts. After selecting the size and shape, you can upload your photo and select the text you would like engraved on it. Then, you will receive a proof of the product before it’s actually manufactured. This will help you ensure that the text will be correct. It’s also possible to leave a blank space for your text, if you’d prefer. You can also opt for a 2D engraving, in which case your photo will be etched on the surface of the crystal. This will result in a lower quality product.