Affordable Water Damage Restoration in Sacramento, CA

Affordable Water Damage Restoration in Sacramento, CA

Mold Damage

Mold damage can be a serious health problem. Even a small amount of mold growth needs to be addressed right away because it can spread quickly due to the stack effect, whereby air rises through a property and carries infected mold spores with it. Mold remediation involves searching and securing the area with physical barriers and negative air pressure. Air samples are also taken to determine what type of mold is present and its toxicity.

Allergenic molds can aggravate existing allergies, while pathogenic molds send out spores that increase upper respiratory irritation. Toxigenic molds, however, produce mycotoxins that cause a wide range of health problems in humans and pets. Black mold in particular is considered a toxin and can result in severe health issues such as memory loss; kidney discomfort; immune system suppression; eye, nose, and mouth irritation; and diarrhea. If a property is infested with black mold, it should be treated with extreme care using professional remediation procedures.

Sewage Cleanup

The District conducts a program of routine maintenance to include operation repair, maintenance and minor alteration of existing flood control levees facilities and structures involving negligible expansion of their currently established use. These activities are carried out as public owned utilities used to provide flood protection services to the City of Sacramento and other public agencies in the region. The District also provides garbage and organic waste collection service and recycling for residential properties which consist of single family homes, duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes as well as street sweeping services on a weekly schedule.

Odor Removal

Stubborn odors can arise from a number of sources, including mildew and mold, animal waste, fire and smoke, pests, cigarette and cigar smoke, and more. Locating the source is a crucial step in eliminating odors, and it’s a task best left to professional cleaners.

Stubborn odors can be highly disruptive to your life, and it’s important that you act quickly to restore your home or business. A professional company can help you remove odors from your property and get you back on your feet as soon as possible. They also offer a range of other Water Damage Restoration in Sacramento CA, including smoke damage repair.